* Testmonial 1.

Over 21/2 years ago I sustained an injury at work which led to a serious and very painful life debilitating condition known as RSD. Over time I was diagnosed with severe depression due to the severe pain and my inability to sustain any quality of life. I was taking high levels of pain medicine along with a pain management program with the hope of having some relief. My life continued to slide into a deeper state of depression and pain until I contemplated suicide. It was at this time that I was introduced to Dr Joseph and Dr Shu who saved my life through acupuncture. The pain and depression that I was experiencing has been reduced to where I now have hope for a better life. Thanks to Dr. Joseph and Dr. Shu for giving me a second chance.






    * Testmonial 2 

    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years.  We had just been through an overwhelming, confusing journey and had exhausted our savings on expensive and often impersonal fertility treatments with negative side effects. We were left feeling hopeless and emotionally defeated.  I began acupuncture treatment with Dr. Ding in April 2009 for infertility.  
      I received an email one day from the American Fertility Association discussing acupuncture and decided to give a holistic approach a try.* Dr. Shufeng Ding and her husband Dr. Joseph Zhuang met with us the same day and immediately made us feel comfortable and treated my husband and I like family.  I never expected acupuncture to be so relaxing.  I have been receiving treatments for 3 months now and have experienced increased energy and libido as well as a reduction in stress.  As a bonus, I have better circulation in my legs and have noticed a decrease in allergy and sinus symptoms.  I am also feeling more hopeful because acupuncture has begun to balance my hormones. For the first time in 8 months, I have had a period on my own without medication to force me to have a period and for the first time in three years an ovulation test came back positive. 


I look forward to acupuncture treatments each week with Dr. Shufeng Ding I enjoy listening to her stories, partaking in her wisdom and learning how to improve my emotional and physical health.  I highly recommend Dr. Ding and Dr. Zhuang as skillful and caring acupuncturists.    


With highest regards,






* Testmonial 3 

I want to thank Dr. Zhuang & Dr. Ding for treating my headache and hair loss through acupuncture. After my second child, I experienced severe hair loss that lasted up to three years after giving birth.  I began to worry when my hair got noticeably thin after the 2nd year and the amount of shedding hairs never decreased. I went to my family doctor and had my thyroid and hormone levels checked.  Everything came back normal and I was even more frightened that I might be doomed for baldness. After trying a variety of different diets and topical treatments, I finally decided to try acupuncture.  I feel very fortunate I found Beijing Acupuncture & Healing Center. After about 2 months I noticed considerably less hair falling out while brushing and in the shower.  It took a bit longer before I started to notice the new growth, but now I can happily say my hair is back to pre-baby volume. I also love the comfortable atmosphere and additional care the center provides with holistic therapy. I now believe acupuncture is wonderful holistic healthcare.

With Highest Regards,


Management Engineer

* Testmonial 4

My husband & I began trying to conceive our second child in 2001and we were unsuccessful. I was frustrated to find out I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

We decided t try IVF in 2002 figuring at age 36 I was losing precious time. Round 1 of IVF was unsuccessful and we were devastated. Just when we thought we were going to accept our family as complete, I couldn’t fight the nagging feeling that I still wanted one more child. At 42 the urge struck me again; I wasn’t ready to give up just yet & I decided I wanted to try IVF again. I underwent Round 2 of IVF. Unfortunately, that was unsuccessful but I actually was a little bit closer (I did have a positive pregnancy test, it just didn’t sustain). We immediately knew I was going to try one last time and I decided I was going to do everything I can think of to better my chances- I decided to get acupuncture. I had read articles about acupuncture and how it can help improve your chance with fertility but initially never acted on it. 3 months prior to my next and last round of IVF, I found Shufeng Ding at Beijing Acupuncture & Healing Center. I am so grateful because she did a wonderful job taking care of me, my wellbeing and my baby throughout the pregnancy. During the 3 months prior to my IVF, acupuncture alleviated my PMS symptoms and I felt energized-it was great! I know I was ready and felt very

Optimistic! She helped my body be at its optimal state and Round 3 of IVF was successful! I had a health baby boy in November 2009. I would highly recommend Shufeng to anyone with infertility problems. I tell people about her all the time.


Thank you Shufeng




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